Restaurant Technology Directory List

    Restaurant Technology Directory List

    The Restaurant Technology List has been compiled by POS Advice and is updated routinely. Restaurant POS Developers are the first list and the major category of the Restaurant Technology List. The Restaurant POS Software List includes over 200 restaurant POS software solutions with their website and phone number for your convenience in contacting these POS providers.

    We have included how they market their POS system; either directly by the developer, via the POS reseller channel or both directly and via POS resellers or ISO agents. Many of the restaurant POS solutions listed operate with an open platform Windows operating system on a PC based POS terminal, we have noted any hardware restrictions such as; operates only with tablet operating system or the point of sale solution requires a proprietary Eprom based terminal with a fixed POS program embedded in the POS terminal.

    Most of the restaurant point of sale software solutions listed operate on a local basis meaning all data is maintained onsite, when this is not the case we have identified the POS solution as Web based. This means your data is stored on the Internet and this is a usual requirement for tablet only point of sale systems. Many of the POS solutions listed require a PC based point of sale terminal and some have the option to utilize tablets in addition to the PC based POS terminals.

    Certain restaurant POS solutions listed are designed for specific vertical markets within the restaurant industry such as Counter Service, Country Club, Pizza, QuickServ or Table Service, products with a specific market have been noted as such. We have also noted hospitality POS solutions that only operate with a specific credit card processor. The Notes column contains additional limitations such as maximum of three POS terminals per site or POS solution is also sold by another name. Below the restaurant POS software list we have provided listings for additional restaurant technology solutions such as;

    • Internet Security Providers,
    • Liquor Monitoring & Liquor Inventory Control Systems,
    • Loyalty & Rewards Systems
    • Online Ordering & Delivery Services,
    • Online Employee Scheduling Systems & HR Applications,
    • Payroll Processing, Back Office & General Accounting Systems,
    • Processors – Credit, Gift & Mobile Payments,
    • Restaurant Online & Social Media Review Sites
    • Restaurant Reservation & Wait List System Providers.

    Check with your restaurant POS provider as some of these functions could be included with their software or available as an option. Applications integrated with your restaurant POS system are recommended as independent applications usually require manual consolidation with the POS system. All information compiled is based on available Internet data; any corrections, updates or changes to these listings will be posted as received. Your questions, comments and listing updates are always appreciated, please email us from our contact page.

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